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Garage Door Styles

Custom Wood Garage Doors

Styles of Wood Garage Doors We Offer

Custom Metal Garage Doors

Styles of Metal Garage Doors We Offer

Custom Glass Garage Doors

Styles of Glass Garage Doors We Offer

Garage Door Materials – Decorative Hardware

Hardware. Carriage house doors often incorporate one or more of the following: Strap hinges, Corner straps, Pulls, Round or Square Clavos.

Custom Metal Garage Door Hardware & Accents

Garage Door Materials – Stain & Finish

Grand Timber Doors maintains a full service stain and finish studio in our facility. We can stain doors with any product or color to match the rest of the home’s exterior. We use a three step finish process that maintains the wood stain color and protects the door from nature’s elements. Our stain and finish system minimizes the amount of maintenance required to keep doors looking their best. Depending on the door’s exposure to the sun and other elements, our doors are typically maintenance free for 4-6 years after installation.

Looking to Enhance the Exterior of Your Home or Business?

Are you looking to increase the look and feel of your home or business? Grand Timber Doors is here to help! We build handmade garage doors and exterior doors that are truly one-of-a-kind. We offer a variety of options to choose from: Wood, Metal & Glass. If you are interested in learning more about our custom garage doors, contact us today!

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